Balloon enteroscopy

Prior to the development of balloon enteroscopy, surgery was often the only alternative method to treating these conditions of the small intestine.

Balloon enteroscopy is a specialist endoscopic technique that allows the diagnosis and treatment of small bowel diseases. It is a safe test with very low risks of significant complications.


The balloon enteroscope enables the endoscopist to:
Visualise the entire small bowel
Take tissue samples for analysis
Remove small tumours and abnormal growths such as polyps
Treat bleeding problems
Dilate and stretch narrowings (strictures) of the small bowel
Mark areas within the small bowel for surgery

What happens during a balloon enteroscopy?

The procedure is carried out by passing the balloon enteroscope either through the mouth or via the back passage, depending on which area of the small bowel needs to be examined, and can last anywhere from 45mins to 2 hours.

It is usually done as a day-case under general anaesthetic or deep sedation, so you will be asleep and not in any pain during the procedure.

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